Wastewater Treatment in Urban Areas---Dalian Lingshui River Basin Treatment Project


Dalian High-tech Zone Lingshui River Basin (Section of China Business Executives Academy, Dalian) wastewater treatment project has been listed as one of the most significant environmental improvement projects this year in Dalian High-tech Zone. The project began on March 1, 2014 and completed on April 28, 2014. The scale of phase 1 pilot project processes 4,000 tons wastewater per day. With eight sets of JDL-FMBR-500, the usage of construction land can be saved. This is because the land can be covered by the landscaping while the equipment are buried in the ground. This wastewater treatment project is considered as a demonstration project for its remarkable effect. Therefore, it has been planned to promote this technology in the surrounding area of the entire Lingshui River Basin.