JDL Heavy Metals-Containing Wastewater Treatment Facilities




Heavy metals containing wastewater treatment and resources recycling technology (the “JDL technology”) is an integration technology of biological, chemical and physical method for wastewater treatment (China Patent No.: ZL201010171783.1; Japan Patent No.: JP5260617). This technology can greatly enhance the stability of the treated water quality, and minimize the emission of hazardous waste during the treatment process.
JDL technology utilizes membrane technology for clogging small particles and adopts patented pulse vibration techniques to avoid membrane blockage. Since no flocculants or flocculants aid (such as metal aluminum and iron salts) is used in our treatment process, the level of heavy metals contained in the sludge is much higher than those processed under the traditional process, and the sludge can be recycled as mineral resources.




----(1) Reclamation of Heavy Metals From Wastewater Treatment  

Conventional Treatment


JDL process




Leading technology with less occupation of the land, high efficiency and discharge compliance

Less poisonous waste will come out and the sludge can be recycled as mineral resources because with no add of coagulant and flocculants, the level of heavy metals contained in the sludge is high.


---(2) Effluent From Comprehensive Treatment Can Achieve The Discharge Standard
1Simple Classification--The risk of leakage is low because wastewater is segregated in accordance with its content of heavy metal, about 1-4 types
2、Simple Implementation--Free from strict segregation and easy to manage
3、Effective and Stability-- The control spots of the system are fewer while it is more effective in handling mixed wastewater


Techno-economic Comparison
Chemical sedimentation technology
JDL technology
Water Quality
Hard to reach the standards
Able to reach the standards
Water Reuse
With PAM, inconvenient to reuse
No PAM, convenient to reuse
Operating Cost
Occupied Area
Manpower Requirement
Hazardous Waste
Segregation Requirement
Hard to manage because strict segregation is needed
Easy to manage because segregation is not necessary







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Heavy Metals Containing Wastewater Treatment in PCB Industry